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WIP: Cap's Shield by MorbusParkinson WIP: Cap's Shield by MorbusParkinson
I think I might move this one to my scrapbook later, but to keep myself concentrated and motivated I wanted to post it here.

This is NO tutorial, just a WIP.
I have been thinking about how to make that f***ing Captain America Shield for quite a while and I had a lot of ideas... a lot of ideas I didn't like. It had to be not too expensive and ... easy to make. As I lack experience in prop making I decided to change that this year and so I will have to go through quite some challanging stuff.

Anyway let's start:

1) I saw a little tutorial somewhere in which someone made a shield of corrugated cardboard and duct tape ([link]). He also uploaded a pattern which I couldn't download (and I am most certainly NOT starting a premium membership at a random page just to dl that pattern). So I thought maybe I could make that pattern by myself. I wish I would have paid more attention at maths back then in school, maybe it would've been easier, haha.
Started with a circle (30cm radius) on normal paper with a normal pen. Then I cut it out and folded it to get 16 equal parts.

2) So it looked like this. I cut out one of those pieces and used it as a pattern for the cardboard (I was very lucky we bought a new shelf the other day so I had a lot of cardboard left overs from the package it had been delivered in)

3) Cut out the cardboard with a sharp knife and tried to not work too sloppy... (That is really the worst for me... being someone who loves to make things look perfect but I am lazy and I work sloppy sometimes... )

4) I bent the cardboard with the help of a table's edge. When I lay down all the bent pieces it already looked like... kind of a shield. I started to think wether I could use this as the basis and just fiel the cracks with spatula and make a surface with worbla... but

5)... when I glued together the pieces (used wood glue for higher flexibility. First I glued eight parts, then quarters, then halfs)...

6) ... and fixed them with some tape (because I got really tired pressing the pieces together as bigger they got and obne piece didn't really fit so I had to improvise a little)...

7)... and it was finally finished... I noticed that it got that little indention in the middle... on the wrong side. Somehow it didn't really turn out the way I was hoping for.

Don't know what I did wrong BUT nothing is lost. I will fill the dent with some spatula, sand it, and then I can at least use this whole thing as a shape/form to use Kobracast or Worbla or both for it...
But first I have to get a heat gun and some samples of the material I want to use (because I have never worked with it before).

Just hoping everything will turn out okay.
I also looked up the patterns of Cap's costume from the Avenger movie again and I think I want to cry because I can't understand what I have gotten myself into again :( It most certainly won't get as detailed as the original costume and I can't find a fabric that I am satisfied working with and right now everything about it drives me mad and I am really frustrated. 2 months to go.


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January 21, 2013
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