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MGS3: Those spurs by MorbusParkinson MGS3: Those spurs by MorbusParkinson
Nothing much to say about this. The photographer just loved my spurs as much as I do :D
Dropping a littel funfact about the costume: The part of the Sam-Brown-Belt that goes around my shoulder is a part of one of my handbags. I bought an ordinary Bundeswehr-Belt, made some loobs from fabric, added two D-rings and clipped on the Handbag-handle. It used to be an improvised solution but somehow I liked the shiny look of it so much that I just didn't feel like sewing a new one anymore.
About the spurs: Ocelot is wearing a pair of spurs that either doesn't exist (I have never seen such a shape before and I also didn't find it in any shop that provides equestrian items) or are hard to get. It was also almost impossible to find a pair of brass-made spurs (that would have at least looked golden) which were not too expensive - at least not one of those swanky western-riding spurs. And so I had to decide: Will teh spurs look boring but golden or do I want BIG DAMN FANCY spurs. of course... for Ocelot the latter. So they're just silver with a brass-weel but they look absolutely fabulous.
And most importantly their sound is wonderful (jingle jingle jingle)!
A more closer look: [link] (love the engraving btw although it doesn't give me a tactical advantage 8D)

Photo by: Tackleberry [link]
Costume by: myself

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Olavism Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
Definitely one of the very best Ocelot costumes out there. Only thing lacking is more pictures with strange hand gestures : P. Can I ask you how you got that excellent jacket? Did you sew it yourself or did you buy a military jacket somewhere?
MorbusParkinson Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for your lovely compliment :D
STRANGE hand gestures!? I don't know what you mean, haha, I think you wanted to say SUPER BADASS LOOKING hand gestures ;D Well I do have a total of 500 photos with that costume, so chances are good I'll upload more hand gesturing.

I sewed the jacket myself :) (I also made the pattern for it myself. Same goes for the breeches and the ammo belts.)
Olavism Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Well I guess you could call them badass, maybe "full of swag" is the correct term : P. Wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of the costume in the future, I think you should be confident about using it at future conventions. The fact that you sew it yourself is pretty cool. Been trying to get my hands on a suitable ocelot jacket for months now since I'm a novice at sewing, but sadly it simply doesn't exist outside the cosplay community.

Maybe you should consider making a tutorial for the jacket and the other gear. It would be of great interest to the metal gear community I believe :)
MorbusParkinson Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, definately 'full of swag' and ... very sassy. There'll be more pictures - I promise. I have been dressed as Ocelot 15 times now so I am not really so much into the idea of wearing it at conventions BUT I am looking forward to some photoshootings we're planing to do.
Oh well it wasn't really that hard to sew. It was a pretty simple basic pattern with some improvisation. I don't know if 'teh community' really needs that. And as I have already finished everything and didn't take progress pictures I don't think I could pull up a very good tutorial. (And really the pattern is nothing so extraordinary :3)
Ocelot doesn't wear an official uniform, so I don't think you will find it in a store or anything like that.

Well every novice can become a master assassin if he works hard enough ;D I learned everything by myself so maybe you could just try it out and work on your skills :) Once you get the hang of it it gets easier with every costume.
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